Senior Sales Manager

Languages Known English, Romanian, Russian

Doctor of Science in International Law, an excellent negotiator and diplomat, Dmitri is able to gently but confidently defend the interests of clients.

Dmitri has over 10 years of international experience in the real estate industry. He worked for the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Policy, taught at the Academy of Public Administration and was the owner of his own real estate agency in Chisinau.

At , Dmitri holds a leading position and sets the vector for the development of not only his team, which he calls «My Champions», but also the entire agency.

A little about personal life

Dmitri is a real polymath, he defended his doctoral dissertation at the age of 25, is the author of scientific articles, monographs and books. Dmitri has versatile hobbies: he is fond of history, plays football and tennis, and also dances tango and salsa. Above all, he values ​​family and loves to spend time with loved ones.